Welcome to HerrinFesta Live!

Festa Live! will begin on Monday, May 21, 2007 with the Miss HerrinFesta Pageant.

All-new for 2007 is ‘Festa Live, a constantly-updating section of herrinfesta.com where you can get information on contests, entertainment, events, and more happening on the grounds at HerrinFesta. ‘Festa Live is brought to you by the HerrinFesta Multimedia Crew and is published directly from the ‘Festa grounds.

If you have a question, or have information about HerrinFesta that you would like to see posted on ‘Festa Live, please email us at live@herrinfesta.com.

If you are a ‘Festa Committee Chairman, and would like to get information posted on ‘Festa Live, contact Evan Youngblood on the ‘Festa grounds, or email live@herrinfesta.com.