LEAA Art Show

Cantenary Masterpiece by Stephen McKeown

The annual Little Egypt Arts Association Art Show, sponsored by Herrin Hospital, was held inside the Souvenir Shop. Judging the show were Sarah Capps from Belle Rive, Robert Jackson of Marion, and Herrinite Jennifer Sarver. Interest and enthusiasm for this cultural event have grown every year. This is an opportunity for anyone attending HerrinFesta to be able to see the amazing talent displayed by our Southern Illinois artists, and to also be able to purchase an original oil painting, sculpture, handcrafted furniture, or pottery.

Here is a list of categories and winners:

Best of Show – “Spiralbound” – Marilyn Codding-Brown (Drawing)

Best of Show – “Beach Baubles and Bling” – Toby Saken (Jewelry)

Drawing and Painting – Artist

1st: “Old Man and Baby” – Brenda Fleming (Oil)

2nd: “Peppers” – Robert “Bob” Pina (Acrylic)

3rd: “Hoop Dancer” – Kathy Belletire (Colored Pencil)


1st: “Sonic Blast” – David Hammond (Photograph)

2nd: “Holding Back the Years” – David Hammond (Photograph)

3rd: “Coniferous” – Brian S. Crisp (Digital Photograph)

Fine Crafts

1st: “Camoflage #4 Woodland Fall” – Marilyn Codding-Boysen (Sculpture-Mixed)

2nd: “1 Kat Variation” – Joyce Kirkpatrick (Collage)

3rd: “Old, New, Borrowed & Blue” – Gracie Rigger (Quilt-Fabric)

Honorable Mention

“Abby” – Brenda Fleming (Watercolor)

“Tomatoes and Peppers” – Robert “Bob” Pina (Acrylic)

Amateur Artists

Drawing and Painting

1st: “The Carver” – Peggy McPhillips (Oil)

2nd: “Bright Eyes” – Teri McSherry (Acrylic)

3rd: “The Refuge” – Beverly Fisler (Mixed)


1st: “Catenary Masterpiece” – Steven McKeown (Photograph)

2nd: “Olivia” – Sarah Morgan (Photograph)

3rd: “God’s Liquescent Mirror” – Steven McKeown (Digital Photograph)

Fine Crafts – Amateur

1st: “Beneath The Blue” – Sharon Edwards (Sculpture – gourd)

2nd “Bird House” – Susan McSherry (Sculpture – Mosaic)

3rd: “Betty Sphere #1” – Susan McSherry (Sculpture – Mosaic)

Honorable Mention:

“Just Succulent!” – Sharon Edwards (Sculpture – Gourd)

“Dragon Fly” – Wendy Maddox (Fiber)

Student Artists:

2D Drawing/Painting/Photography

1st: “Dreams” – Sara Clark (Digital/Photoshop)

2nd: “Symphony” – Sara Clark (Digital/Photoshop)

3rd: “Window to the Soul” – Andrea Skaggs (Pencil)

3D Fine Crafts:

1st: “Sublime” – Jo Jo Holmes

2nd: “Mare In the Meadow” – Hannah Brannan (sculpture)

3rd: “Lords of Lava” – William Forthman (pottery)

Honorable Mention

Untitled – Andrea Skaggs (Pencil)

“Solitude” – Sara Clark (Digital/Photoshop)