About HerrinFesta Italiana

HerrinFesta Italiana founded in 1991 and voted Best Festival in Illinois earlier this year is a tremendous crowd pleaser.  A celebration of the rich Italian heritage  in Herrin, IL and now a spectacular entertainment complex that welcomes thousands of visitors during Memorial Day Weekend it is a “don’t miss” festival that welcomes summer.

The event features great Italian food, family fun, an array of contests for every family member and a fine arts and crafts exhibit to spotlight the creative talents of regional artists and craftsmen.   The City of Herrin rolls out the red carpet for the major yearly event of the city for a week long run in May.  The Festa is run by volunteers.  They they work under the umbrella of The Herrin Chamber of Commerce and in tandem with the City of Herrin and The Herrin Civic Center.

The Piazza

The Piazza is the entertainment venue at HerrinFesta Italiana. Located behind the Herrin Civic Center, the Piazza houses our Quality Connection Piazza Stage and the Piazza Beverage and Wine Gardens where you can enjoy your favorite adult beverages. More about the Piazza.

The Midway

HerrinFesta’s Midway features great food, a carnival, and a variety of vendor booths. Entry into the Midway is free, and open to all ages.


One of HerrinFesta’s premier events is the annual Bocce tournaments. Bocce is an Italian sport that combines the precision of horseshoes with a bowling-style play. Read more about Bocce here.


If you would like to work at Festa, please fill out our online request form.

HerrinFesta Committee:

Cris Trapani, President
Joey Helleny, Vice President
Kelly Green, Secretary-Treasurer
Cheryl Ranchino Trench, Trustee
Jim Storch, Trustee Emeritus
Frank King, Trustee
Brett Crouse, Piazza Chairman
Joe Helleny
Kevin Frost
Evan Youngblood
Shannon Wiesenmayer
Tabitha King
Bob Scillufo
Brandon Watson

The 2nd Vice President of the Herrin Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Herrin also serve on this committee.

Terri Thompson, Executive Secretary