MAY 22 - 29 2017
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Festa Giardino

Look for a new gathering space at HerrinFesta. Walker's Bluff presents a Festa Giardino (Festa Garden) with wine, beer and free entertainment on the North Parking lot of the Herrin Civic Center under a festive tent with plenty of tables and seating for resting and relaxing.

Festa visitors have asked for a place and space to enjoy a glass of vino, a cold beer and free entertainment in a comfortable setting near the action in the Piazza. They will now have a happy place, to do just that, in the center of Festa excitement and fun. Look for this new addition at Festa -2016 and thanks to sponsors at Walker's Bluff for making it happen.

Enjoy the music, a cool drink and a place to meet friends. It's a new offering for Festa visitors May 26-May 30.

Festa Giardino Hours - 2016
Thursday, May 26
5pm - 10pm
Friday, May 27
Closed for Sponsor Party
Saturday, May 28
11:30am - 10:30pm
Sunday, May 29
1pm - 10:30pm
Monday, May 30
Noon - 9:00pm

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