MAY 22 - 29 2017
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For The City

Sunday, May 28, 2017 - Piazza Stage

For The City is a high energy alternative rock band from St. Louis, MO. and Southern Illinois. They formed in St. Louis in January of 2016 with Kevin Fowler on drums, Erik Zorumski and Dustin Hook on guitar coming together to play music they loved. They needed to bring in the right element for vocals and bass. Luckily, Herrin and Johnston City natives, Wiley Johnson and Jeremy Burton just returned from a sabbatical in California. They were back and ready to rejoin the music scene. They immediately hit the ground running writing and recording with Story of the Year lead singer Dan Marsala. They put out their first 2 songs as singles - Nothing Golden and Exhale. The songs were received well with some radio play and became instant singalongs at their shows. They started off in the scene with an extremely energetic and fun local show leaving their mark all around the St. Louis scene before making their way back down to Jeremy and Wiley's hometown to play Herrinfest. With a full Spring and Summer schedule forming along with entering the studio for an EP... 2017 holds a lot of opportunity for these gents. Be on the lookout as For The City is here to leave their mark!

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