MAY 22 - 29 2017
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HerrinFesta Bocce Tournaments - 2016

All tournaments held at the Herrin Bocce Courts


Robert A. Ferarri Corporate Bocce Tournament

Friday, May 27th -- 11:00 am
By invitation only based on past participation.

Adult Child Tournament

Saturday, May 28th -- 12:30 pm

Child Team Member:
Must be at least 7 years of age and not yet 19 years of age
Adult Team Member:
Must be age 18 or older
Team Composition:
Minimum of one (1) adult must be a member of each team.  Each team may have a maximum of two (2) adult members
Registration Fee:

International Championship Tournament

Sunday, May 29th -- 1:00pm

12:45pm - Captain's meeting
1:00pm - Tournament play begins

Open Division
Registration Fee:
Championship Division
Registration Fee:

Tournament Registration

Online registrations with online payment will be give PRIORITY over registrations recieved by mail. Registrations without payment will be rejected.

Online registration closed. All divisions are full.


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